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Laetrile for cancer treatment

The search for cancer treatments has led people to look beyond just chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which are both known to have high rates of…

June 8, 2022

Rife Machine: How could it help cancer?

When we think of cancer treatments, we often think of having to take certain drugs. Chemotherapy. Targeted therapy. Immunotherapies. All kinds of biological agents can…

Sodium Bicarbonate

Given how toxic many standard cancer treatments can be, it’s no wonder that people look for safer, less toxic, more natural options that could reduce…

Apatone Therapy for Cancer

Amid the search for new cancer therapies, novel drugs and pharmaceuticals are constantly being developed. Specifically, researchers are looking for drugs that are effective, safe,…

June 7, 2022
Oxygen Therapy Center Treatment

Oxygen Therapy Center Treatment

Oxygen. It’s something that we all breathe and that’s essential for life. Doctors and scientists, specifically, have long explored the ways in which oxygen could…

June 6, 2022
Best Mexican Cancer Clinics
Integrative Whole Health Clinic IWH Clinic Functional Oncology Functional Oncology Oasis of Hope Oasis of Hope Hospital New Hope Unlimited New Hope Unlimited Hope 4 Cancer Hope 4 Cancer
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