Electromagnetic Therapy for Cancer Treatment

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Updated on December 11, 2022

Electromagnetic Therapy for Cancer Treatment

When it comes to treating cancer, the options continue to grow everyday. While treatments like
chemotherapy and radiation treatment have long been staples in cancer treatment, they come
with a range of side effects and limitations that can make them unsavory to cancer patients
considering their treatment options. Whether it’s severe side effects or cancer that becomes
resistant to treatment, there’s a need for new treatments for cancer.
That’s why the list of cancer treatments continues to grow as people learn more about how
cancer works and the best ways to treat it. A range of new medications, tools, and devices have
emerged that hold some promise as cancer treatments with either fewer side effects compared
to traditional treatments, or none at all.
One potential treatment that has been explored for decades is called electromagnetic therapy.
While it comes in many different forms, research shows it may hold some promise as a cancer
treatment. Keep reading to learn more.

What is electromagnetic therapy?

What is electromagnetic therapy?
Electromagnetic therapy, sometimes called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, focuses on
addressing the electromagnetic output of our cells. This electromagnetic output is a type of
resonance, or frequency, that everybody has. In fact, every cell in our body has its own
electromagnetic frequency. This frequency is important to normal bodily functions.

Electromagnetic therapy is essentially designed to correct “changes” or “abnormalities” in our
frequencies. You’ve probably heard that many things can cause disruptions in our frequencies,
such as cell phones or other types of digital devices.
The use of electrical pulses is not uncommon in cancer treatment. Ablation procedures, for
example, use electrical signals to change the behavior of certain cells. For example, electrical
ablation has been used in the treatment of heart arrhythmias. Electricity can disrupt the
functioning of abnormal heart cells causing an arrhythmia, which could help restore a normal
heart beat in patients.

How does electromagnetic therapy work?

Treatment with electromagnetic therapy is typically painless and not invasive, like surgery. All a
patient does is lay on a pad that produces pulses of electromagnetic energy that can selectively
target cancer cells and address frequency abnormalities.
There are three main types of electromagnetic therapy available to people: pulsed electric fields,
pulsed electromagnetic fields, and cold atmospheric plasma.

How does electromagnetic therapy work for cancer?

How does electromagnetic therapy work for cancer?
When it comes to cancer, electromagnetic therapy works on the idea that cancer, as a result of
abnormalities in cells, can be triggered by changes in our cellular frequencies. In fact, early
research into electromagnetic therapy found that cancer cells do not emit frequencies typical of
a healthy cell, signaling that something is wrong. It also highlights that cancer can have
environmental causes, not just genetic causes.
When it comes to treating cancer, the idea is that electromagnetic therapy can help changes
abnormal frequencies in cancer cells, which could lead to cell death and help with cancer

Is electromagnetic therapy effective for cancer?

Is electromagnetic therapy effective for cancer?
While studies in humans have been limited up to this point, with most studies conducted in
animals or mice, there is growing evidence that electromagnetic therapy could be an effective
cancer treatment in certain situations and contexts. Here’s a few key findings from existing

  • Has an effect on the immune system. Research shows that electromagnetic therapy
    could have an effect on the immune system itself, which could lead to the production of
    tools in the body that can lead to cancer cell death.
  • Prevent cancer cells from growing. Research also shows that treatment with electromagnetic therapy can also prevent cancer cells from growing altogether.
  • Promote cell death and work well with other therapies. Research shows that
    electromagnetic therapy could help promote cell death and make other treatments more
    effective. This includes immunotherapies. A review study found that different types of
    electromagnetic therapy from a range of sources (X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic fields)
    could improve the effectiveness of other cancer treatments.

Is electromagnetic therapy safe?

Generally, electromagnetic therapy is safe. To date, electromagnetic therapy is well tolerated
and does not appear to cause side effects.
However, you should avoid undergoing certain types of electromagnetic therapy if you have a
condition or device where a magnet could cause problems. For example, implanted devices like
a pacemaker can be negatively impacted by electromagnetic therapy.

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