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Updated on February 3, 2023

Finding the right cancer treatment center can be the difference between an effective cancer treatment and a subpar one. Many cancer treatments exist, so you want to find a place that can help you choose the right treatment for your cancer and that helps minimize the unpleasant side effects of conventional cancer treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about the Verita Life Treatment Center and how it could help you on your cancer treatment journey.

What is the Verita Life Treatment Center?

Verita Life Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico is one of many treatment centers around the world. These centers have a treatment philosophy that believes medicine is more about treating the symptoms of a condition. Instead, it should focus on treating the whole person.

Located just minutes from the United States-Mexico border, Veritas Life Treatment Center uses German-based treatment protocols to guide treatment decisions for patients.

What kinds of treatment does Verita Life Treatment Center offer?

Veritas Life Treatment Center offers various treatment options for patients with a wide variety of cancers. These treatments include the following

Primary cancer treatments

These are treatments designed to directly treat cancer. These therapies include biological therapies (such as vitamin C therapy), insulin potentiation therapy, and localized hyperthermia.

Immune system cancer treatments

These treatments are designed to help support the immune system in the fight against cancer. Verita Life Treatment Center offers dendritic cell therapy and whole body hyperthermia treatment.

Supportive cancer treatments

Supportive treatments help your body fight cancer, help prevent future health problems, and also keep you healthy while you’re undergoing treatment and recovery. These supportive treatments include oxygen and exercise therapy and wellness and nutritional support.

Detoxification cancer treatments

These treatments also help your body fight cancer and aid in recovery. Chelation therapy, ozone therapy, and deep tissue massage are among the available detoxification therapies.

How could Verita Life Treatment Center be part of your cancer treatment journey?

In addition to offering unique cancer treatments optimized for an individual’s cancer, Verita Life Treatment Center also offers a range of other support services for patients. This includes a program called Cancer Coach. This program is designed to help cancer patients navigate all aspects of the cancer treatment journey, both medically and personally/mentally.

Visit the Verita Life Treatment Center’s website  for more information about treatment options, staff specialities, and patient testimonials to learn if the Verita Life Treatment Center would be right for you.

Verita Life Cancer Treatment Solutions

Overcoming cancer is a feat that shouldn’t be undertaken in isolation. The medical community has largely come to accept that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work as well as an integrated and personalized treatment plan. Verita Life offers a wide range of cutting-edge treatment options from experienced experts in the field.

Cancers Treated

All cancer patients are welcome at Verita Life. Not only do we treat active cases of every type of cancer, we also provide preventative treatments for those with pre-dispositions to developing cancer as well as those in remission.

Treatments Offered

At Verita Life, cancer patients gain access to unique and personalized treatments that work with one another for a more effective approach to attacking the disease.

The integrated approach to cancer treatment used by Verita Life combines primary cancer treatments, supportive therapies, immune building treatments, and detoxifying therapies. The supportive approach to cancer treatment addresses the whole of a person for a more successful result. We don’t provide surgery or radiation on-site; however, we can provide referrals for those cases requiring these treatments while complementing them with integrated treatments here.

Primary Cancer Treatments

  • IPT – low-dose chemotherapy enhanced by hormones
  • Local Hyperthermia – targets cancer locally through heat
  • Biological Treatment – Artesunate, Amygdaline / B17, High-dose Vitamin C, High-dose Sodium Selenite
  • Metabolic Treatment – prevents energy production within cancer cells
  • Metronomic Therapy – natural, tolerable form of chemotherapy
  • Herbal Medicine – improves effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and lessens side-effects
  • Anti-Angiogenic – targets and stops blood vessels of cancer cells

Supportive Therapies

  • Personalized Anticancer Diet – ketogenic diet (the only proven anti-cancer diet)
  • Wellness and Education – daily lessons during the first week
  • Exercise with Oxygen Therapy – supports immunity
  • Organ Support – special therapy to support organ function during cancer treatment

Immune Therapy

  • Dendritic Cell – builds up immune system
  • Natural Killer Cells – incorporation of known cancer-fighting cells
  • Peptide Therapy – stimulate T-lymphocyte production for improved cancer-fighting power
  • Whole-Body Hyperthermia – artificially-induced fever stimulates immune system

Detox Treatments

  • Lymphatic Therapy – eliminates toxins from primary immune system
  • Ozone Therapy – uses highly effective form of oxygen to detoxify
  • Colonic Therapy – enhance circulation, promote immunity, detoxify, improve appetite, prevent headaches, promote energy
  • Chelation Therapy – isolate metal within body and expel through urine and feces
  • Deep-Tissue Massage – lower depression and anxiety, improve healing

Traveling for Treatment

Verita Life offers these treatments at three separate international locations: Bangkok, Thailand; Hamburg, Germany; and Baja, Mexico. We embrace and welcome all cancer patients who want to arm themselves with every possible weapon in their war against cancer. Each of the clinics are private, outpatient centers, so patients should expect to stay in partnering, nearby hotels or apartments during their treatment term.


The costs for treatment at Verita Life will differ on a case by case basis. To determine whether your insurance will cover treatment and to discuss other relevant financial issues, give the organization a call for more information.

The Doctors

Dr. Adem Günes

Chief Medical Director / Integrative Medicine Physician

Expert in integrative and complementary oncology

Based in Germany

Dr. Abdulla El Hossami

Head of Integrative Oncology, Asia Pacific

Specializes in integrative cancer therapies

Medical director at clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Jorge Cardenas

Senior Doctor, Verita Life, Mexico

Spent more than 20 years serving as Medical Director in oncological facilities

Dr. Jose A. Henriquez

Medical Director, Verita Life, Mexico

Specialist in integrative cancer treatment

Dr. Watcharavut Malikul (Art)

Oncologist / Integrative Medicine Physician

Dr. Thapana Tangshewinsirikul

Oncologist / Integrative Medicine Physician

If you’re facing the fight against cancer, enlist a diverse group of specialists in your army by making the choice to seek integrated cancer care at Verita Life.


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