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Updated on February 3, 2023

Searching for the right cancer treatment can be a challenge. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which are the most effective.

Keep reading to learn more about the Stella Maris Clinic, the cancer treatments it offers, and whether it could be part of your cancer treatment journey.

What is Stella Maris Clinic?

The Stella Maris Clinic is a cancer treatment facility located in Tijuana Mexico, just five minutes from the United States-Mexico border. The name Stella Mari, chosen by founder Dr. Alvarez, means “start of the sea,” highlighting the hope that the clinic seeks to offer their patients.

What treatment options does Stella Maris Clinic offer?

Stella Maris Clinic takes a metabolic approach to cancer treatment by focusing on four different areas of treatment:

Cellular Level Stabilization

The goal is to help restore some kind of balance to cells so they can perform their functions better. This includes treatments like enemas for detoxification and antioxidant restoration, chelation therapy, and more

Natural cancer therapies

While many conventional therapies exist for cancer treatment, natural therapies exist that may help reduce the number of side effects following treatment. Natural cancer therapies offered at Stella Maris Clinic include Laetrile therapy, vitamin C therapy, and Dimethyl sulfoxide therapy.

Promoting the immune system to fight cancer

The doctors at Stella Maris Clinic firmly believe that supporting the immune system and helping it fight cancer on its own is an important part of alternative cancer therapy. That’s because the immune system has many tools at its disposal to fight cancer.

Some of these treatments include biological response modifier therapy, European Mistletoe/Iscador, Autologous Vaccine therapy. They also offer an approved treatment (RIGVIR) for the treatment of melanoma

Decreasing tumor cell resistance

Tumor cells do unfortunately become resistant to certain cancer treatments, so making them less resistant to these treatments can be an important part of cancer treatment.

Various treatments offered at Stella Maris Clinic to reduce tumor cell resistance include hyperthermia treatment, dendritic cell therapies and vaccines, and insulin potentiation therapy (IPT).

How could Stella Maris Clinic be part of your cancer treatment journey?

The Stella Maris Clinic offers personalized care for their patients. Dr. Alvarez makes himself visible and available to his patients. The staff offer comfortable lodgings and healthy, organic meals to help with a patient’s treatment and recovery.

Visit the Stella Maris website  for more information about treatment options, staff specialities, and patient testimonials to learn if the Stella Maris Clinic would be right for you

A personalized treatment approach to cancer will improve the likelihood of success as well as the quality of life enjoyed throughout the process. At Stellar Maris Clinic, you’ll find an alternative approach to treating cancer, customized to your diagnosis, condition, and preferences. These treatments are available as a complement to traditional cancer therapies, making them more effective and tolerable.

Cancers Treated

The alternative methods used to treat cancer at the Stella Maris Clinic are useful for all cancer diagnoses.

Treatments Employed

  • Cellular Level Stabilization – return balance to body systems
    • Detoxification – Coffee retention enemas, raw vegetable juices, antioxidants, and a careful nutritional program serve to restore alkalinity of the small intestine
    • Antioxidants – complements the detoxification program
    • Chelation therapy – removes toxins from the body
    • Proteolytic enzymes – used to destroy coating surrounding cancer cells
  • Using Cancer Natural Therapies
    • Amigdalyn (B-17 or Laetrile) – an apricot kernel extraction consisting of hydrocyanic acid that works in opposition to cancer cells
    • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – administered through an IV, it slows tumor growth, aids in interferon production, and stops carcinogenic n-nitrous compounds found in processed foods and linked to gastrointestinal cancers
    • Dymethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) – functions as a chelating agent, a catalyst for crossing the blood brain barrier, and as a powerful transporter that doesn’t cause side effects
  • Promoting Immune Response
    • Biological Response Modifier Therapy (BRM) – used to instigate a heightened response to the disease
      • Monoclonal antibodies
      • Interferon
      • Interleukin-2
      • Several types of colony-stimulating factors
    • European Mistletoe (Iscador) – Known as Viscum album, this treatment has a long history of use as a treatment for cancer; works as an immunoregulator and has properties that are anti-tumor in nature; promotes regression of cancer cells
    • Autologous Vaccine Therapy – created using the patient’s blood to meet individual immune-biological factors; produces antigenic peptides and additional immunogenic compounds to improve immune performance
    • Sensitized Lymphocytes – cells activated by exposure to a specific antigen
    • RIGVIR (melanoma treatment) – first virotherapy med approved for the treatment of cancer 
  • Decreasing Tumor Cell Resistance
    • Hyperthermia – effective and often used in conjunction with other cancer treatments; raises cellular metabolic rate; breaks down glucose and lowers pH; damages vessels that feed cancer as well as the cancer cells themselves; completed with patient sedated and under observation
    • Dendritic Cells – taken from bone marrow, these cells inspire cancer-fighting immune responses and have a primary role in affecting the immune system
    • IPT Therapy – employs insulin to promote the potential for chemotherapy to kill cancer, making lower doses of chemo effective 

Introducing the Doctors

A graduate of the National Autonomous University in Mexico City, Dr. Gilberto Alvarez has over 37 years of experience in the combat against cancer. His resume includes working as the medical director at the Manner Clinic as well as founding and directing the Stella Maris Clinic. As a physician who is qualified to practice in the US, Dr. Gilberto is a hands-on, full-time attending physician for his patients.


Tijuana, Mexico, a five-minute trip from the U.S.-Mexico border, is home to the Stella Maris Clinic. The clinic is within walking distance of fine hotels to house your family members or other companions. A shuttle, fine dining, and attractions are mere minutes away. Throughout treatment, you and your companions will enjoy a vacation-esque setting while receiving high quality, alternative cancer treatments.


For more information about rates or payment, contact the clinic at + 52-664-634-3444. We accept cashier’s and traveler’s checks as well as money orders and bank transfers.

Cancer patients interested in complementary, alternative treatments should reach out to the friendly staff at Stella Maris Clinic.


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