Cannabis Oils for Cancer Treatment

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Updated on December 11, 2022

 Cannabis Oils for Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment comes in many shapes and forms nowadays. Despite the fact that treatments
like chemotherapy and radiation remain on the frontlines of cancer treatments, a multitude of
new treatments appear to be emerging every day. This is promising, because the limitations of
chemotherapy and radiation treatment have long been exposed. Though they can be effective
treatment options, they also run the risk of causing cancer to become resistant to these
treatment options, leaving people searching for something to help. They also cause a range of
unpleasant side effects that can make managing cancer even harder.

Cannabis oils and cannabis products have long been explored as a medicinal product for a
range of health conditions, including cancer. But how does cannabis help people with cancer, if
at all? Keep reading to learn more.

What are cannabis oils?

What are cannabis oils?
Cannabis oils are the oils taken from the cannabis plant, the plant most commonly known as
marijuana. Unprocessed, these oils often contain two key chemicals that are the active
compounds in the cannabis plants: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Depending on the plant, the amount of each compound can vary when oil is extracted.

How do cannabis oils work for medical treatment?

Research has been exploring the medicinal properties of cannabis oils for years now, and have
shown some promising results when it comes to helping people manage certain health

Here are some conditions cannabis oil has been used to treat:


One of the most widely known uses of cannabis oil is for the treatment of pain. IN fact, cannabis
has been used as a pain medication for thousands of years.

Mental health disorders

Mental health disorders
Cannabis has been shown to be effective for treating certain kinds of mental health conditions,
such as anxiety, without the risk of side effects or dependency associated with existing

Neurological conditions

Neurological conditions
Some studies have explored how cannabis oils and CBD, specifically, could be used to treat
conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

How does cannabis oil work for cancer?

Several treatments exist that use cannabis oils or the compounds in the oil (or, even, synthetic
versions) as treatments for cancer. Take Nabilone, which is a synthetic drug that is similar to
THC. It’s often used for people who are experiencing side effects from chemotherapy, such as
nausea or vomiting.
As mentioned above, cannabis oil has proven quite effect in helping people manage pain, which
can also occur in people following cancer treatment.

However, despite the existence of many possible treatments, no cannabis-based treatment has
been approved by the FDA to treat symptoms or conditions caused directly by cancer.

Some studies, however, have suggested that cannabis oil and cannabis-related products could
have a direct effect on cancer itself, rather than on the symptoms caused by the cancer or by
treatment. In fact, studies modeling how cancer cells might respond to cannabis have found that
it does have some antitumor effects, with the ability to manipulate cancer cell and tumor growth.
However, these anticancer effects are largely dependent on the type of cancer and how much
cannabis oil is administered.

Is cannabis oil effective for cancer treatment?

Is cannabis oil effective for cancer treatment?
Though cannabis has been used in treating a range of conditions for at least a thousand years,
is it actually effective when it comes to cancer? Here’s what some existing research suggests:

  • Holds potential for disrupting tumor growth and development. Some research has
    indicated that cannabinoids could prevent or slow the progression of tumors and cancer
    cells. However, few models have explored this potential, limiting the generalizability of
    these findings.

Is cannabis oil safe?

For the most part, using or consuming cannabis oil is fairly safe. Some studies have shown that
people experience symptoms like dry mouth or lightheadedness after treatment with cannabis

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